On Wednesday 6th December 2017, Keira, Jorja and Zac were nominated for an award. When they attended the ceremony, they were greeted by the Fortis staff and were offered free orange juice- and champagne for the teachers and parents! They sat down and met each others adults and settled down for the opening speech. When the presenter started speaking, she explained a bit more about what Fortis is and what it’s about. As time went by, it was dinner time. . HOORAY!!!!! Whilst the children ate their dinner, they had a full blown conversation about the hub and what it is going to be used as. After eating dinner, the children decided to take some pictures together in the Santa’s grotto photo booth that was there for public use. There was also a hard decision between who won the award for Fortis Communities Week 2017. It was between D.I.Y SOS Oasis (who created our bungalow transformation) and Pop Up Shop! The D.I.Y SOS Oasis won! YAY! After they won, it was time for Keira, Zac and Jorja’s award. They were the only ones nominated so they won fair and square! They had so many photos from different people and were put all over the school’s twitter page and Fortis’s! They had much more fun. They had an amazing time with their award, certificates and badges. It was a brilliant night and they were so grateful for being nominated and so proud of themselves! WELL DONE OASIS NEWS CREW!


Week 3 day 2

Today, the bloggers visited the hub and saw a huge difference inside the bungalow: the walls have been completely painted, the floors have been smoothened and the bathroom is nearly done. Builders are still working in there; measuring doorways and other important things. There hasn’t been a lot of difference in the hub so far but stay tuned for more information. We also believe that the bungalow might be completed in the next couple of days!



The start of week 3

Today, the students from Oasis Warndon went to observe the bungalow. The garden walls had been completely painted and so had the indoor walls. The skirting boards have been painted and glossed. The door frames have been measured and the doors have been placed in. The toilet was being fitted in when Keira, Zac and Jorja were going around the almost finished, transformed bungalow. Hopefully, the community hub will be finished by the end of this week (week commencing 2nd October 2017).

Week 2 Day 3

Today, Keira, Zac and Jorja went to visit the soon-to-be community hub. The garden was like a new area of the bungalow that had been changed completely! The first change the bloggers spotted was that the fence had been painted green and the bricks that were scattered everywhere had disappeared. Also, the wall had started to be painted white and about 7 builders were surrounded around the wall helping out. The grass was also being cut as the bloggers were observing the changes and there were lumps of cut grass upon the freshly cut grass. The hole in the wall has been filled in and the wall has been put in by where the old toilet was. There has been such an amazing transformation so far and they can’t wait for the final result!

Week Two Day Two

Today, when Keira, Zac and Jorja visited the bungalow they saw a few changes to the floor and the wallpaper has been completely stripped and the walls have now been plastered ready to be painted. The brick piles outside have stayed the same and they have concreted the pipes underground. The tiles have been put together more securely outside, so they are now more stable to walk on.



The start of week two

Today (Monday 25th September 2017) Keira, Zac and Jorja visited the bungalow once again. There were a few changes like: door frames being widened, holes being filled in  and wallpaper has been stripped. There is now a big poster on the metal fence. The bricks are decreasing outside and the plumbing team are replacing new pipes. Not much has changed today but be sure to tune in tomorrow for more information of the transformation!

The End Of Week One

Over the past few days, Keira, Zac and Jorja have not been able to visit the hub as the builders have been working very hard, knocking down walls and ripping up floors. When the bloggers arrived at the hub today (Friday 22nd September 2017), it was like a different building! Some of the walls have been taken out- making 2 rooms becoming 1 big room for the hub.  There are now piles of bricks randomly clattered in the garden and around the bungalow. The builders were very kind and showed them a few tools that they have been using to transform the bungalow into a community hub.

Due to the dust that was scattered on the floor, their shoes got very, very dirty!

Day Two

Today, Keira, Jorja and Zac went to visit the bungalow again and they saw a few changes. They also met the manager (who was called Lee). The trees and bushes in the garden have been completely cut down and they have now started to bring in building supplies to start working. They were given the floor plans and safety hazard sheets. The floors have completely been ripped up; the rooms have not yet changed but the builders are going to start to knock down the walls tomorrow (Thursday 21st September 2017). There are going to be a few more changes throughout the next few weeks. Make sure to stay tuned to look out for more updates on the blog for the Community hub.



Day One

The bungalow is an uninhabited building that used to be a home to the caretaker and has become ruined over time. Year 6 students (Zac Yong, Keira Walker and Jorja Tyrrell) are visiting the bungalow every day for 2 weeks to watch and record the transformation of the bungalow into a community hub for our school. On 18th September 2017, Keira and Zac went to observe the bungalow to see what it was like. It was dirty and the floors were broken and dusty. It smelt musty and damp because the electricity was not safe, therefore the heaters had to be removed because they weren’t in there, it was damp and it has been empty for a long time- over 2 years! As a result, the dampness made it smell rotten. The garden, which was like a jungle, was overgrown and it was difficult to walk over! Stay tuned for an overview and more information as we create the Oasis Warndon hub!



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